“Strago’s Workshop” Coming this summer!

Hey there folks – James here, just giving a quick update! 🙂

Around early Summer of last year, Cherie and I moved to our new home. We’ve already put in a lot of work to get some of the unique touches all our own, but have some bigger plans in the works too. And now for a pretty neat tidbit of news some of you may like to hear…

This spring, Cherie and I plan to put in a lot of elbow grease to convert an old garage/barn – we’re going to take half of it and make a craft/workshop geared specifically for various craft projects. I’m going to nickname it “Strago’s Workshop” and have already begun dabbling in sculpting in lieu of this. My goal with the workshop is to have a place to just simply enjoy crafting various things for LARP – sort of a sanctuary for crafting anything I can dream up, and with any luck I’ll have a few new unique products to offer you folks! I’m planning to take photos during the building process so you guys can get a good sneak preview of the place too – it’s going to be awesome, so be sure to check back in in the spring for photos, maybe even a video! 🙂